Microsoft Surface vs. The Apple iPad

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Since the introduction of the iPhone, touch-screen devices have become the norm and even the expectation when it comes to phones. This trend has continued on into the development of the tablet.

These tablets are extremely helpful for those who want a more interactive experience with the product, either for entertainment or for business-related purposes. By now everyone’s come into contact with the iPad, if they haven’t owned one themselves, and those who are interested in seeking out a quality product have no doubt heard about the Microsoft Surface through commercials, or seen them at a local electronics store.

But there are definitely a number of pro’s and con’s to look into when it comes to choosing the Surface or iPad.

iPad Pro


Great for iPhone Users

The iPad Pro obviously runs the operating system that is used in Apple’s popular phone. It’s called the iPhone, if you didn’t know, and it’s one of the most popular phones out today and has been for the past decade. What makes this iPhone so popular is it usability. IPhone users translate easy to an iPad Pro because of the similar interface they are accustomed to using on their phones.

Battery Life

The iPad Pros battery life is quite lengthy, and a fully charged one can stay going with mixed usage for as long as 10 hours. That’s an hour longer than what the Surface Pro 4 is capable of.


Not Windows Friendly

Like the iPhone, the iPad Pro uses Apple’s iOS series of operating systems. The problem with that for some users is that it is simple and great for entertainment and creative purposes, but the fact that it is the same platform used by the phone may be a turn off for some users that are more familiar with the Windows platform.


While at first glance the starter-level iPad Pro is cheaper than the comparable Surface Pro 4, Microsoft has the advantage here. The entry-level iPad Pro has less memory, 32GB compared with the Surface Pro 4’s 128 GB, and it does not come with the pen used for interacting with the screen.

Microsoft Surface



That the Surface Pro 4 is able to run the operating system of a desktop computer makes it a great option for those with a business mindset. The Surface is able to run Windows 10, and many business people and students will be thrilled to use an operating system they have been accustomed to for years.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 comes with a built-in stand that makes the Surface easily stand up on desk or table, at three different angles. This makes it great for someone that needs a tablet that can act as a laptop. Some have found that they are more comfortable with the Surface than a traditional laptop, because the Surface is lighter and has a touch screen as well.



The entry-level iPad Pro has remarkably more power than the Surface Pro 4. However, the top-range Surface Pro 4 features the Core i7 cheap.


The screen of the iPad Pro is 6 inches larger than that of the Surface Pro 4. While that isn’t an outstanding or remarkable difference, size does matter.

The truth is that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes the Surface the iPad. Each tablet has strengths and weaknesses, and the one that should be chosen just depends on how it will be used. Because of its versatility with the different apps available in the App Store, the iPad Pro is a solid tablet for Apple lovers.

On the other hand, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 can replace laptops for those who are students or working in business and needing something that can work for them on the go. It all depends on what the person is looking for.

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