Learning How To Spy On My Child’s Text Messages To Help Me Deal With Teen Sexting

There is never an easy way or a convenient if you want to talk with your child about sex and sexting, and how these issues compel many parents to get apps to spy and read text messages online. It is a challenging time for parents and the ever increasing number of children who use smart phones will only serve to make it more difficult. This proliferation of mobile phones is what led to the development of sexting, which is when somebody sends provocative or sexual messages for someone to receive. This, in turn, led to lawmakers creating rules to regulate sexting.

What Are Sexting Laws?

There has always been a fundamental issue with sexting laws. Its definition tends to make laws against it fall under state laws regarding sexual violence. Let me give an example. A teenage girl sends nude photos of herself. No matter the age and regardless if there is consent between both parties to send and receive the image, the offense will still be falling under child pornography. That is because the way many of these laws are written makes them fit the description of creating and distributing child pornography.

This is such a danger for teenage kids since even a small mistake on their can be interpreted and seen as human trafficking. It is just fortunate that after years of this travesty, many state laws are now being rewritten to make them more specific so as not to mistakenly charge kids with higher crime. However, this only serves to show parents that they need to be very concerned about the existing sexting laws.


What Is The Coverage of These Laws?

Laws against sexting may be different depending on the state that passed them, but they will usually between the receiver and the sender of the sext. What these messages contain also plays a considerable function when law enforcement is trying to determine the specifics of the case. Here’s an example. A little flirting over text is usually considered harmless, but any explicit content sent (messages, images or video) through text usually falls under sexting laws and will be treated as sexting regardless of the intent of both the sender and receiver.

Revenge porn is another of these new issues that sexting laws cover. Sexting usually contains provocative or sexual images, and if these images are distributed or shared in public forums to harass or humiliate the other party, that is classified under revenge porn and may carry heavier penalties.

Is There Any Way to Deal With This Issue?

The real issue in question here is teen sexuality and inappropriate sexual behavior. Sexting is a small but important part of it. It may be quite difficult to handle if parents don’t consider trying to find tools that can help them. Fortunately, there are apps like Highster Mobile and Auto Forward Spy that can let parents access the text messaging app of any phone. With these, they can detect any sexting behavior and take steps to stop it before their child gets in trouble with the law. Learn more about how these top apps can help parenting.

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